Our Story

Marzam is an East African lifestyle brand brought to you by three young Ethiopian women currently living in North America. 

Marzam stems from the Amharic word Merezem, meaning to grow or to extend. Marzam aims to grow out of Ethiopian styles and connect them with the rest of the world by using customary East African fabric and transforming it into fashion-forward looks.

Each piece of fabric is traditionally hand-woven in East Africa by local artisans. The fabric is then transformed into on-trend pieces with the hopes of carrying forward the Ethiopian culture and giving back to our community by supporting local artisans. Additionally, our goal every year will be to select a charitable organization focusing on providing aid to East African countries to donate a portion of our proceeds to. 

One of our artisans working on the Almaz Choker

Our inspiration comes from the beautiful handmade traditional dresses we wear for weddings and special occasions. The vibrant colours and intricate designs stand out to show off our lively culture and heritage.  

Marzam hopes to be your fashion and lifestyle destination when it comes to selecting that perfect accessory or adding that pillow that gives you the final touch on your living room. Our goal is to inspire and open the minds of people from all origins.

We can’t wait to see how you use Marzam to grow and express yourself.